Mike has been playing Folk Rock Bass Guitar since the eighties, when Steve and Jill weaned him off rock and roll, though in truth, the love of folk music had been there for longer than that.

On stage he joins in with harmonies, on the choruses, and is glad of the chance to play six string guitar, his first love, and mandolin every now and then, but spends most of his time with the bass, and pretending to be thirty again!!!!

Influences are many, but in particular, the music of Richard Thompson, and the likes of Fairport, Steeleye, and The Albion Band, with a definite slice of Yes, Floyd, Zeppelin, Genesis, Clapton and Hendrix, and more recently Kate Rusby and Anthony John Clark

Off stage interests include live sound production, reading, walking, old guitars, and pokerstars.com. Say hello to ‘stoneman23’ if you see him.